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Griffith City Band is a community concert band based in Griffith, NSW for brass, woodwind and percussion players of all ages.

Our activities include:

  • Building, educating and maintaining a junior and senior band programme, that serves the community through public performance, supports civic events, and volunteers to support other community organisations
  • Hosting free and cost-based workshops open to school students, local and regional residents.
  • Providing volunteer tuition and program guidance to form, maintain, and band programmes in public schools.
  • Providing a low-cost venue to the public for for the purpose of teaching and creating music.
  • Supporting disadvantaged families through providing low cost purchase, or free loan of musical instruments, and matching student requirements with suitable service providers

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Banned Issue 2 - GCB Newsletter December 2019

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  • Contact the band
  • Music in the area/other organisations/related Links
  • Griffith City Band in the Press
  • Photos of the band, its members, and performances.

Joining The Band

We are always keen for new players of any skill level. Learn more about joining the band.

We run bands for school aged beginners, adult beginners, as well as more advanced junior and senior bands.

We are also active in establishing and running school band programs.